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Film List | Award winning films 



Film:  Joymati(1935)
Female Artist: 
Aaideo Handique
Male Artist: Phunu Baruah


Film: Pratidhwani (1964)
Eva Achao


Malaya Goswami  
Receiving the best actress award from President R. Venkataraman for the film "Firingati" in 1991


Film: Sagaroloi Bahu Dur
Bishnu Khargharia


Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
Winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award

The origin of Assamese Cinema can be traced back to the dreams and imagination of a revolutionary visionary Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala, who was also a distinguished poet, playwright, composer and freedom fighter. He was instrumental in the production of the first Assamese Film “Joymati”, under the banner of Critrakala Movietone. Due to the lack of trained technicians, Jyotiprasad, while making his maiden film, had to shoulder the added responsibilities as the script writer, producer, director, choreographer, editor, set and costume designer, lyricist and music director. The film, completed with a budget of Rupees Sixty thousand and was released on March 10th, 1935. The picture failed miserably. It is unfortunate that like so many early Indian films , the negatives and complete prints of Joymati are missing. 
Not withstanding the failure of his venture, Jyotiprasad made another film after a lapse of two years titled “Indramalati(1939)”. It was his second and last film. The eminent composer and singer of Assam Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, played a stellar role in the play. With the passing away of Jyotiprasad, the Assamese film scene witnessed a temporary lull for about a couple of years. But things changed with the onset of war, Taking advantage of this, the Late Rohini Kr. Baruah made a film on a relevant historical topic called “Manomati (1941)”. It was followed by films like Parvati Baruah's Rupahi (1946), Kamal Narayan choudhury's Badan Barphukan (1947), Phani Sharma's Sjiraj, Asit Sen's Biplabi, Prabin Phukan's Parghat Suresh Goswami's Runumi etc.

But the most remarkable film of the fifties was Piyali Phukan which went on to win a National award. In 1955, a new talent Nip Barua made his directorial debut with Smrit Paras. His subsequent films Mak Aaru Moram and Ranga Police bagged many state awards and the silver medal at the national level. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika also produced and directed his first film Era Batur Sur. Prabhat Mukherjee made a film on the universality of mother-hood, Puberan (1959).,which was shown in The Berlin Film Festival. The next memorable production was Lachit Borphukan by Sarbeswar Chakraborty. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika made his unforgettable musical lore Shakuntala (1961) which proved equally successful with critics and the press. It also won president's silver medal. Following this, a chain of films went into regular production and got released which included Nip Barua's Narakasur, Anil Choudhury's Matri Swarga, Brojen Barua's Itu Setu Bahuto and Mukta & Anwar Hussain's Tejmala.

By the middle of the sixties, film were produced in Assam on a regular basis. It should also be mentioned here that between  1935 ad to 1970 a total of 62 films were produced. Besides the film makers already referred to, many others engaged in film making during the period included Pravin Sharma, Saila Barua, Abdul Mazid, Amar Pathak, Indukal Pattazarika, Diben Barua, Debkumar Basu, Amulya Manna, Gauri Barman, Atul Bardoloi, Sujit Singh, Nalin Duara and Prafulla Barua.

During the period of 1970-82 a total of 57 Assamese films were made. New directors started emerging on the horizon. Samarendra Narayan Deb's Aranya (1970), Kamal Choudhury's Bhaity (1972) the first colour film of Assam, Manoranjan Sur's Uttaran (1973), Deuti Barua's Bristi (1974) Pulok Gogoi Khoj (1974) Padam Barua's Ganga Chilanir Pakhi (1976) and Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia's Sandhya Rag (1977) and Atul Bordoloi's Kollol (1978) are films worth - mentioning.

The outstanding directors of contemporary Assamese Cinema are Jahnu Baruah (Aparoopa, Papori, Haladhia Choraye Baodhan Khai, Banani, Firingoti, Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door) ; Sanjeev Hazarika (Haladhar, Meemanxa); Bhabendaranatha Saikia (Anirbaan, Agnisnaan, Sarothi, Kolahol, Abartan, Itihaas, Kaal Sandhya) Dr. Santwana Bordoloi (Adajya) and Bidyut Chakraborty (Rag Birag). Their Films have won National & International Awards

Indian Film History :

As India was poised for a socio-political upheaval at the turn of the 20th century, a new form of entertainment arrived in India- the cinema. This art form which made a humble beginning went on to make a mighty bang and sophisticated multi-million-rupee movies of the present day are a far cry from the soundless short films that made a silent entry into the Indian hearts in its early phase. Be it as an art form, a social weapon or a political satire, the cinema has made a tremendous impact on the Indian society as few other forms of art have.
The first exposure to motion pictures which India received was in 1896, when Lumiere Brother's Cinematographe unveiled six soundless short films at Bomay's Watson Hotel. And the first exposing of celluloid in camera by an Indian (Harishchandra Bhatvadekar), and its subsequent screening took place in 1899.
During the first decade of 20th century, only silent short films were made in India. It was during the first half of the next decade that the first indegenous feature film Raja Harishchandra was made by D.G. Phalke (1913). By 1920, film production had grown into a regular industry bringing out silent films in various Indian languages.
Indian Cinema made a big leap forward with the arrival of Alam Ara, the first talkie feature film by Ardeshir Irani in march 1931. It was during the Thirties that attempts were made to produce talkie films in different languages. Regional culture and the craving to see and hear a film in ones own mother tongue caused a mushrooming of film industries in all major centres. The fore runners were Bengali, Tamil, Telegu followed by Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujrati, Oriya, Assamese and several dialects in later years: every regional cinema came up with its own directors and artists; regional film also took to earth and realism, winning many awards and honours in India and abroad in the process.

Assamesse Classic Movies

Joymoti- The first assamese movie- Joymoti, directed by Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla was released in the year 1935.

Rupahi- The fourth assamese movie Rupahi, produced & directed by Parbati Prashad Baruah was released in 1946. Screenplay, dialogue lyrics and even the music of the movie was composed by Parbati Prasad Baruah himself.

Siraj- Siraj is another remarkable Assamese Movie- directed by Phani Sarmah. Siraj is the sixth assamese movie released in 1948. The film speaks about the unity among the people of Hindu and Muslim community. Bishnu Rabha and Phani Sarmah, inspired by the story named ‘Siraj’ written by Lakshidhar Sarmah prepared the screenplay and dialogue of the movie. The outdoor shots were taken around Tezpur, the indoors being shot in Kali Film studio, Kolkata. The lead role Siraj was played by Phani Sarmah himself. Music was composed by Bishnu Rabha. Bhupen Hazarika and Shiva Bhattacharyya assisted him.

Era Bator Sur- Era Bator Sur is the first film of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. The film was released in 1956. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was then an active member of Indian people’s. Theater Association and in the fifties almost all the workers of I. P. T. A. were influenced by the sorrow and happiness, struggle and hope of the common mass and made themselves associated with creative works related to folk music and culture of the common assamese people. Era Bator Sur was also a result of one such effort. The story and the music of Era Bator Sur reflects the emotional rising of the people of that era. The theme of this movie is based on characters belonging to tea labourers society of Assam. The exploitations carried out by one class of the society also finds importance in the movie. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika is also the music director of the movie. The cast of the movie includes Phani Sarmah, Bishnu Rabha, Balraj Sahni along with Bijoy Shankar, Iva Asau, Tassaduk Yusuf etc.

Puberun- The first assamese film screened in an international Film Festival is Puberun. Directed by Prabhat Mukherjee of Kolkatta and released in 1959 the film was screened in ‘Berlin Film Festival’, 1960 and bought laurels to the state of Assam. Heroine of the movie Gyanada Kakoti was also present during the screening of the film in Berlil.

The story is based on mother-child relationship and the truth that every child of this world is equal. Another remarkable feature of this film is that "Margaret Anderson" of London Dramatic school acted in this film. In the history of Assamese Cinema this was for the first time that an actress from England, acted in an assamese film.

The role of the mother was played boldly by Gyanada Kakoti and against her was Tassaduck Yusuf . Music was by Tarikuddin Ahmed . Puberun even won the Presidents Award.

Saknoiya- Saknoiya is the only film directed by Soilo Baruah. The film got released in the month of November, 1959. Story, screenplay and dialogue was written by Durgeswar Barthakur. The indoor shots of this movie took place in Indrapuri Studio, Kolkatta. The editing of this film was also done in Kolkatta.

The story revolves round the emotions of two brothers, one a taxi driver and another a high official in a government office who marries a lady who would not agree to reside together with a taxi driver. The actors include Gyanada Kakoti, Bina Baruah, Tulsi Das, Sorbeswar Chakravarty, Bina Das, Soilo Baruah, Anil Das, Durgeswar Barthakur, Saityen Choudhury etc. Mukul Baruah was the music director.

Doctor Bezbaruah - Brojen Baruah’s Doctor Bejbaruah released in the year 1960, marked the beginning of success of so called commercial movies in Assamese Film industy. Following the footsteps of Doctor Bejbaruah directors / produces got encouragement to make commercially hit movies in later days of Assamese Cinema.

Though this film laid the base of the commercial value of a movie, yet it put a question mark on making movies based on the simple life of Assamese village folk.

Dr. Bezbaruah was the first Assamese thriller movie and also for the first time the outdoor and indoor shooting entirely took place in various locations of Assam.

Gonga Silonir Pakhi - Gonga Silonir Pakhi, directed and produced by Padum Baruah and released in 1976, is one of remarkable assamese movies released till date. The music was also composed by Padum Baruah himself. Renown novelist Dr. Lakhminandan Bora wrote the main story, screenplay was by Padum Baruah. The story is based on the simple life of the villagers of Assam.


First in Assamese film 



 Sl. No




First film maker of Assamese film

 Jyoti Prasad Agarwal


First Assamese film director

Pramathesh Baruah, He Directed the     Bengali film “Devadash” in 1934.


First director of an Assamese    film

Jyoti Prasad Agarwala; he directed “Joymati”. The film was released at Raonak Cinema (now Jyoti Cinema), Kolkata on 10th March 1935 and in the same year on 20th March at Kumar Bhaskar Natya Mandir, Guwahati.


First dubbed film in India

Joymati (1935)


First Assamese actor to act in a Bengali Movie

Pramathesh Baruah. He acted in “Taki Kini Gulam” in 1930.


First Full length comedy movie in Assamese film

"Ito Sito Bahuto", Director was Brajen Barua.The film was released in 1963.


First film with actor from outside of Assam

"Era Batar Sur", released in 1956.Balraj Sahani acted in this film as a guest appearance. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was the director.


First Assamese partly coloured movie

Shakuntala, released in 1961.The film was directed by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.


First Colour movie

Bhaity (1972), Director was Kamalnarayan Choudhury.


First Assamese film dubbed from Hindi

Bhagya (1968).


First Assamese thriller

"Dr. Bezbaruah" (1969), Directed by Brajen Baruah.


First Assamese film where a non Assamese singer sang a full song

"Era Batar Sur"; here legendary singer of Indian Music Lata Mangeskar sang a song under the music direction of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.


First Assamese film to be screened  in a foreign land

'Puberun' (1959). It was screened in Berlin. Director was Prabhat Mukherjee.


First Long playing record of an Assamese Film

"Chik-mik Bijuli" (1969), directed by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. 


First Assamese film to receive a national award

"Piyali Phukan", this film received the Repute Certificate of Merit. Directed by Phani Sharma.


First adult movie

"Marichika" (1972); directed by Amulya Manna.


First adult movie which was released

"Hridayar Prayojan" (1972), directed by Gauri Barman.


First movie broadcast in Doordarshan

'Bristi' (1974), directed by Deuti Baruah.


First movie screened in Indian panorama

'Sandhyarag' (1977), directed by Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia.


First Eastman colour movie

'Ajali Nabou' (1980), directed by Nip Baruah.


First lady director

Suprabha Devi, she directed 'Nayanmani' in 1983.


First Assamese cinema scope movie

'Jeevan Surabhi' (1984), directed by Naresh Kumar.


First movie to get best screen play award in national level

'Agnisnan' (1985), Directed by Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia.


First film to receive Swarna Kamal award

'Haladhiya Charaye Baodhan Khaay' (1987), directed by Jahnu Baruah.


First children movie

Abuj Bedana (1993), directed by Gunasindhu Hazarika.


First film which was screened as an Inaugural movie of the Indian panorama

Rag Birag (1996), directed by Bidyut Chakrabarty.


National & International Awards (Assamese Films):



Name of the Film

List of Awards


Piyoli Phukan

President's Certificate of Merit


Maak Aru Maram

President's Certificate of Merit


Rangaa Police

President's Silver Award



President's Silver Award



President's Silver Award



President's Certificate of Merit


Maniram Dewan

President's Silver Award 



President's Silver Award 



President's Silver Award 



National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Regional Film


Upaja Sonar Maati

National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film 


Chameli Memsaab

National award- Best Regional Film


Putala Ghar

National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film


Alokar Aahban

National award- Best Regional Film


Son Maina

National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film 


Aalayaran (Bodo)

National award- Best Regional Film


Pratham Raagini

National award- Best Regional Film


Haaladhiya Charaye Bawdhan Khaai

 National award- Best Film, Second
 Best Film ( Locarno Interntl. Film
 Festival )



National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Second Best Film



National award- Best Regional Film 


Railor Alir Dubori Ban

National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Regional Film 


Saagaraloi Bahu Door

National award- Best Regional Film, GETZ Prize( 31st Chicago Interntnl. Film Festival ), Pri Do Public Award (Best Film:Nantes Film festival,France)



National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film & Jury's special award 



National award- Best Regional Film 



National award- Best Regional Film 


Kanikar Ramdhenu

National award- Best Regional Film


Akashitarar Kathare

National award- Best Regional Film



National award- Best Children Film



National award- Best Regional Film 


National & International Awards(Director, Music director...) 



Name of Artist


List of Awards


Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

Best Music Director ("Chameli Memsaab")

National Award


Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Best Screenplay

National Award


Indra Bania

Best Actor ("Haaladhiya Charaye Bowdhan Khaai")

Locarno Internatnl. Film Festival


Gautam Bora

Director's Best Debut Film

National Award-  Indira Gandhi Award


Moloya Goswami

Best Actress ("Firingati")

National Award 


Sanjeev Hazarika

Director's Best Debut Film

National Award-  Indira Gandhi Award


Jahnu Barua

Best Director ("Sagaraloi
 Bahu Door")

National Award


Bishnu Khargharia

Best Actor ("Sagaraloi  Bahu Door" )

Singapore  Internatnl. Film Festival


Bidyut Chakraborty

Director's Best Debut Film
   ("Raag Biraag")

National Award-  Indira Gandhi Award


Srikar Prasad

Best Editor ("Raag Biraag")

National Award 


Tarali Sharma

 Best Playback Singer -
 female  ("Akashitarar

National Award