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News date : 1/23/2013 6:16:30 AM
A new album of Simanta Shekhar


      Assamese popular singer Simanta  Shekhar who will shortly going to release his new romantic song’s audio album named Anita. The album which is produce under the banner of Madhuban Creation is directed by Banglore based Music director E R Binay and Ravi Basur. The lyrics of the songs are written by Queen, Krishanu Koushik, Sonit Gogoi and Preetikangkana. The album contain eight songs which are sung by Simanta Shekhar, Priyanka Bharali and Mezee Geetashri. Various work for the album was arried out in the Banglore based music studio, where the mixing and mastering of the songs are done in 20 BB studio in Los Angeles (U S). The songs are also arranged by the director and the instrumental music is recorded in Chennai. In the album the title track “Anita o Anita…” contain both asamese and southern language. 

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